Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God, When I

God, When I heard this, I thought that I don't have time for this and it was really inappropriate during work. Then I realized that this kind of thinking, is the exactly what has caused all the problems in our world today. We try to keep God in Sabbath morning, maybe, in Sabbath night and the unlikely event of the midweek service.
We do like him around during sickness and of course, at funerals too. But we don't have time for him during work or play. Because that's the part of our life we think we can, and should handle on our own. May God forgive me for ever thinking there is time or place where he is not to be FIRST in my life.
This is the simplest test. Just copy this and paste it anywhere to let other people know that YOU love God.

Hard - V.S - Easy
Tell the truth - Tell the lies
Sleepy in church - Awake when sermon ends
Delete Godly emails - Forward Nasty ones

Isn't it funny how people can trash God and then wonder why the world is going to hell? Trust God and he will do wonderful things in your life that you wouldn't even believe. I had mine, when is yours?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Laptops or Handphones Services

Sorry to not updating my blog anymore but lately I'm kinda busy setting up ads anywhere I can find. Currently not working with Toshiba anymore but In a better company because now I'm able to provide much more better services.

Services provided currently : -
- Laptop Services, Repairs, Batteries, Adapters, etc. to all kinds of Laptops Brand and Models
- Laptops from any brands starting at RM1,290
- Laptop Accessories, etc.
- Handphone / PDA Services, Repairs, Batteries, Chargers, etc to all kinds of Brands and Models
- Handphones from any brands starting at RM200
- Handphones Accessories, etc.
- Desktop Services are also provided

I'm able to help if you need anything, just anything, feel free to ring me at 012 - 5540204.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Vacation

Just the time when I needed, a right vacation to relax my mind after 3 whole Months of non stop work. Finally I had it, it was Genting Highlands and even I worked there the last time and thought it was a hell. Going there on Vacation is a different story. I went with Nicole and we had a great time together though, stayed at First World Hotel Deluxe View Room and reached on Sunday around 8pm. Got back on Wednesday 3pm and that 3days was really great. Went to Ripley's Believe It Or Not and there were real great things I've learnt and taken this picture there, real cute looking I guess. Haha! And try this Math, take a number, double it, add 10, divide it by 2 and minus the number you first thought of, and the answer would be definitely 5. Amazing right? Haha, then had Mixed Rice for lunch and it was RM36.85 including a drink. Just 2 plates of rice with 3 vegetables and a drink. Yeah, it was kind of expensive but what could you expect more. Even McDonald's it much more expensive. Haha, so there you go, that was what made me late updating my blog.

Bleach Manga Chapter 368 - 370

Bleach Manga Chapter 368 - 370 is being updated and here are the download links.
Bleach Manga Chapter 368 - The Fearless Child ( File Size 6.4Mb )
Bleach Manga Chapter 369 - Spit On Your Own God ( File Size 5.7Mb )
Bleach Manga Chapter 370 - Debating Life From God's Viewpoint ( 5.9Mb )

There you go, and again, sorry for the late updates, will let you know what made me update the links so late! Hope you enjoy!

Bleach Chapter 232 & 233

Sorry for the very late updates due to some things that left me busy. But here it is, sorry for the late post again and for Chapter 232 titled as " Sode No Shirayuki Versus Rukia! Confused Heart " download will be available here ( English Subbed Version ) click here ( File Size 170Mb ) and for Chapter 233 titled as " Zangetsu Becomes An Enemy " English Subbed Version download available here ( File Size 170Mb ) . Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bleach Chapter 231

Bleach Chapter 231 released with the title " Byakuya, Disappearing With The Cherry Blossoms " has been released today and it is not as interesting as the last title but somehow I'm looking for the next Chapter! Should be quite an interesting one as well. For the English Subbed Versions you may click here ( File Size 170Mb ) . So this Chapter is exactly as what mentioned on the title. Enjoy!

The Colourful Flowering Night

Yesterday night went to Pavillion with Nicole to buy some stuff and when I was coming out I just took a picture of the Main Entrance Display there as I've seen it many many times but didn't bother to take picture of it but it's because I get to see it everyday. Actually it's not bad because it changes colours very often. Anyway, did toss some coins to get my luck and saw a few people doing it as well. My highest coin went only on to the second bowl. Haha, so my luck is just, err, 50 - 50. Since it's in between right? After that went to McDonalds for dinner and less then 30mins went to drink tea at Steven Tea's Garden. Ended the day with Nasi Goreng Kampung near my place at 3.52am! Felt extremely full and tiring. Haha, but also really happy!

Crossed Wings

So I was back from PC Fair on Saturday and don't ask me about the chicks. I didn't took any pictures so lets move on. After PC Fair it was so darn tiring and that I had to work in Starbucks until 5.30am. Thinking about how am I going to go through the day just scares me. Text my manager told her I can't stand it and I only want to work until 2.30am and while I was waiting for her message I so damn scared she would say No! But thank god she said Yes! Due to the tiredness I had I entered work so late on Saturday at around 2pm. Sorry Nono, haha! Now he's beside me scolding me with all the vulgar words he could think of. Okay, back to Saturday Story, at 8pm David came find me and I accompanied him to go make his 1st tattoo. There you have it, the Crossed Wings. Haha, nice right? And since it's his 1st, I brought him something to celebrate for him and it was the Skin Repair Cream to apply on his tattoo. Haha!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bleach Chapter 230

Bleach Chapter 230 released with the title " A New Enemy! Materialization Of Zanpaktou " this morning and took me whole day to download thinking it was a crap filler but after watching it. Guess this Chapter does worth watching. Imagine the Zanpaktous attacking it's own master. Does sound exciting right? Totally everyone's Zanpaktou is going against it's master. So does Kuchiki Byakuya. You could see Byakuya's shocked face in this Chapter as he was always cool. This is the Chapter that he seems to panic for the first time. Hope you guys enjoy this Chapter and for the English Subbed Versions, you may click here ( File Size 170Mb ) .

Friday, July 24, 2009


This is my crazy friend which was treated by me. Has a lot of nicknames and just don't know what to call him. Some call him Abang, some call him Fatt, some call him Fadil. Haha, he was enjoying Tall Java Chip Frappucino Blended Coffee while taking this picture. And the funny thing is when I'm blogging and uploading this picture, he could stand beside me and ask " Who is this guy? Think he's so good looking. Drink Starbucks also want to take picture. " . Laugh out loud! And due to short sleeping hours I had these few days I am going to sleep now. Haha. Peace out!

Bleach Manga Chapter 367

There you have it, Bleach Manga Chapter 367 is released with title " Your Enemy Is My Enemy ", this Chapter tells about how Aizen's Team is getting crushed by the Vizards and Shinigami as they become allies. Very interesting Chapter and I think that most of the people that watches Bleach are just waiting for this moment to come. The picture shows that Hirako Shinji, the Team Leader of the Vizards is pulling a strike on Aizen Sousuke and someone placed a sword at his head before he could even reach. Who could it be? Find out more in this Chapter as it is available for download already. English Subbed Versions please click here ( File Size 4.5Mb ) . Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bleach Chapter 229

Bleach Chapter 229 has been released today with the title " Cry Of The Soul! The Rug Shinigami Is Born " and this is still a filler and I'm really hoping that Kubo Tite would faster continue back from the fight at Hueco Mundo. But this Chapter is also funny and you should have a great time watching it I guess. For the English Subbed Versions you may click here ( File Size 170Mb ) . Enjoy!

The Days In Ipoh

So I'm just back to KL and I had a great time at Ipoh, went out with all the friends I could think of and too bad only 2 pictures were taken. Some of my other friends said they don't want to take pictures and I will make sure you guys do NK and Vincent, on my next visit of course. Well, it's just a picture to be in memory of my visit. Don't you guys want to give me a sweet memory? Haha! So this is Me and Yuen Ling ( didn't meet her for like 3years already ) at Jusco, went to Black Canyon for a little tea time and the tea, really, hmm, Yuen Ling please tell it to them. It's your fault Yuen Ling! You should've recommended me some other drinks! Haha. And this is my God Little Sister which we didn't meet each other for like, could say almost 5years already. Yeah, I know that was very long right? Haha, well, anyway we've met so there was also a memorial picture. So until here, will let you guys know when I'm back in Ipoh again! Peace out!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bleach Chapter 228 And Bleach Manga Chapter 338

Sorry for the very late post up but was kind of busy these few days so I wasn't able to make any Bleach post updates but here it is. For those of you who are waiting. Really so sorry. For the Bleach Chapter 228's title is " Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!! " and for the English Subbed Versions is click here ( File Size 170Mb ) and it's about a lame filler so everybody just get to the Manga. Manga is talking about The Vizards that has finally started fighting and it's superly interesting. The last few pages on this Manga is Aizen getting slashed by Hirako Shinji. And for the Manga English Subbed Versions you may click here ( File Size 2.1Mb ) . Hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The New

Say " Hello " to my new I Phone Mini that I just got today, been waiting for this little fella' for weeks already and finally it's here in my hands. This little dude has just every little thing the I Phone has but it's only 2G. No big deal, as long as it is a I Phone which it could acts as a normal handphone is already good. Haha! Anyone wants to place an order for this at RM500 please do leave me a message, email or you could always call me if you have my number. And yes, its RM500, you're not seeing any wrong digits. Haha, I'm going to go mess with my new I Phone so peace out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goodbye My Little One

Finally, my Little One has left my side. The Midland W810i has been sold off to someone else and I hope that you would be treated well by your next owner. Picture seems to be a little unclear because of the new handphone's camera ( My Little Baby ) which does not have auto focus. It's okay anyway, just wanted to tell you that you will always be remembered in my heart! Bye.

Dinner And Fun

So yesterday was one of the best days I had, finished work early enough to pick up Nicole from work and then we went to had some dinner and fun time together. Dinner was at Sushi King where they had special promotional items. And it was the new funny drinks they had. It was really nice and if I'm going back to Sushi King again. I'll be looking forward for this drinks again in the pictures. Grape Jelly Drink and Melon Fizzy Soda Drink. Ended of with a nice and simple dessert from Sushi King and the desserts they serve are really really worth eating. Each of us had one Ice Cream for ourselves ( Japanese Ice Creams ) and only one of the picture is posted up because the other was a normal hold-in-hand bite style Ice Cream so it's really messy. Haha! So after dinner we went walking everywhere we could find a stall and Nicole got me a Cool Looking Ciggarette Box and I'm so thankful for it! Haha, thanks a lot! This Cigarette Box is Preloaded with a lighter at the top so it's really convenient to bring around. Then we went on to Alor Street for supper and it was kind of disappointing because of the food we ate. We ate ( forgot what was it called ) but you had to suck your way out to eat the thing inside of that hard shell and out of the whole plate, I only managed to eat 4 of it and it was so freaking spicy that I drank a whole glass of Iced Sugar Cane just to cool it down. After supper we were tired and lazy and so we finally got home. Haha, end of story and peace!

Progression Day 6

So there it is, progression of Day 6 really s*cks. I hate the itch feeling that it has that makes me feel like want to scratch but I can't! And it doesn't itch a little, it itches a lot! Sometimes it makes me thinking that, if I could have scratch it and how nice would it be would be even more tempting. Haha, well, guess this is the price that you've got to pay to do one. Well, plus finally my salary from Low Yat Plaza is out but it s*cks to wait so long. Doesn't really pay off that well, but still it makes me learn how to control my spendings. Fine, I'll let you off with it. Haha, plus I've got loads of stuff to take care of today so I might be off quite busy. Peace out!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bleach Manga Chapter 365

I know most of you are waiting for this Chapter already very unpatiently because that is how I feel too. But to finally getting it feels so satisfied and here it is, this Chapter tells about Wonderweiss Margera calling a whole group of Gillians and Hirako Shinji and the other Vizards start pulling their masks on. And there you have a little picture of it that I've posted. Amazing right? Haha, so here you go, English Subbed Versions may click here ( File Size 2.1Mb ) . Enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Names

So the deed was done yesterday but I was too busy to blog it, and some of that also was due to my big boss that came so I can't really play around. Haha, but I've managed to took a picture to it while it's still in a wrapped up state. So here's the unwrapped picture as well. So here's how the event like. Went the and then did the image scanning and after that I had to actually shave off the hairs on my leg. That's so wicked! Haha, then the commencement of doing it. Sorry, this time no pictures while doing it. But this one was fast and doesn't hurt as much as my first one also. Haha, hopefully this one recovers soon and when it does. I'll post up the perfect picture. And hopefully nothing goes wrong on this tattoo because I don't want to go for touch ups as it hurts twice as much as doing it. Haha, peace out.